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Welcome to ICFGR!

Kathy Harman
We are a small but mighty charter chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) whose coaches embody the creativity and energy found in our host city of Richmond, Virginia. Our mission is to be a dynamic ICF chapter known for promoting the coaching profession through increasing awareness, sharing knowledge and expertise, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Our primary goals for 2014 are to:
- Promote coaching in Virginia
- Educate our members and support them in developing their coaching business.
- Engage members to fully support our profession and chapter

I invite you to browse our site to learn more about who we are and how we support coaches and their clients. Take a look at our upcoming events detailed below, or check out our Event Calendar to see what’s going on. We always welcome new members and guests at our monthly meetings, where you will meet the friendliest coaches in the country!

If you are looking for a coach, take a look at our
About Us section to learn more about selecting a coach. Then use our Find-a-Coach feature to locate a Richmond area coach who is just right for you. If you’re a coach, we have many resources to support you and your business. If you’re interested in becoming a coach, come talk to seasoned coaches to learn more about the profession and how to start your journey.

Join us today to become part of our friendly, open and supportive network of coaches!

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Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM

2014 ICFGR President

Click Here to read the June 2014 President's Message

August 2014 Program

What: How to Charge and Get What You are Really Worth: 3 Practical Steps to Immediately Boost Your Coaching Fees
When: Friday, August 15 (third Friday), 2014 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Who: Dinah Snow
Where: Westwood Club, 6200 West Club Lane
How much: $25 for members; $40 for guests 
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Coaching Competencies:
*Establishing the Coaching Agreement
*Establishing Trust and Intimacy with the Client
*Active Listening
*Creating Awareness
*Planning and Goal Setting

Are you awesome at what you do yet shy away from pricing your services at a higher level? Do you charge less than what you are worth to win the client and wind up resentful, working harder – and short on cash? Are you just getting by or are you thriving?

Don’t just settle for getting any paying client. It’s time to transform your money mindset, your fees, and your offers to finally land the clients and the income you deserve. Learn the ONE simple step you must take (that most people skip) to immediately inspire more YES’s that positions your offer as the ONLY choice, instead of any other.

Presentation Takeaways:
• Discover the top 5 ways entrepreneurs sabotage their earning potential so you can put a stop to it starting now
• How to recognize if your 'Money Imprinting' is supporting or blocking you
• The field-tested blueprint you must follow to welcome higher fees – and profits. Read More
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June 2014 President's Message

Dear friends and colleagues,
There’s always something new in the coaching world! It is wonderful and challenging being part of a state-of-the-art profession in which our professional footprint continues to change as we develop and have more influential presence in the world.
Growth & Development:   

Announcement by ICF Global: as of 4/1/2015, all individuals are requested to be a member of ICF Global to be eligible for membership in a local chapter.

Rational: ICF wants to “emphasize the importance in this dual membership for maintaining a consistent and credible brand while continuing to build a close-knit, global community”. For clients, it can be confusing and misleading when someone is identified as a local chapter member (however, not ICF Global) because they are not bound by the same criteria as Global members, such as MER (Member Eligibility Requirements) and the ICF Code of Ethics. With ICF Global membership, ICF is creating a culture of consistent and unified coaching requirements and sanctions.

The change in membership requirements affects several members of ICF-GR chapter, and the Board is in discussions as to how we can continue to serve coaches in Virginia and keep our coaching community intact. Our ultimate goal is to continue as the hub of coach learning, development and networking in Virginia, while supporting the overall regulatory organization that enables our profession to grow and thrive. We are considering different levels of membership/affiliation that would keep anyone currently a member of ICF-GR involved for many years to come. This will be a multifaceted dialogue, and we will continue to notify ICF-GR members with progress updates. Upcoming chapter digests will include a summary of our progress and a link to FAQ. Our goal is to have membership recommendations regarding the impact of these ICF Global amendments and challenges to our local chapter by the September meeting.

Here are just a few examples of why ICF Global is critical to continue its global regulatory oversight for the world’s coaching community:
• A rigorous standard that both define what coaching is, and to protect both coach and client: ICF has lead in efforts to make coaching a respected profession and continues to do so with the Competencies, Code of Ethics and Credentialing Program. It reviews and monitors coach training programs to ensure you, as a coach, have access to dependable training to improve your skills and lead to professional accreditation.
• Legislative efforts to empower coaches to be self-regulated: In the past few years, ICF has countered legislation in several states that would require coaches to hold a degree in psychology in order to practice and to be regulated by the state. Without ICF’s tenacious oversight to counter independent state legislation, coaches would soon be as systematically regulated by government as therapists and social workers.
• Valuable resources to help coaches build their business and improve their coaching: ROI calculations, marketing materials, statistics are all available on the ICF Global and ICF-GR websites for member use.

Ultimately, to safeguard coaching as a viable, legitimate profession, it is essential that ICF Global continue to provide regulatory oversight. Our credibility is in the eyes of our potential customers…ICF Global supports our professional development and protects our profession.

Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing you at our next gathering!

President, ICFGR



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