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Welcome to ICFGR!

Kathy Harman
We are a small but mighty charter chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF) whose coaches embody the creativity and energy found in our host city of Richmond, Virginia. Our mission is to be a dynamic ICF chapter known for promoting the coaching profession through increasing awareness, sharing knowledge and expertise, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

Our primary goals for 2014 are to:
- Promote coaching in Virginia
- Educate our members and support them in developing their coaching business.
- Engage members to fully support our profession and chapter

I invite you to browse our site to learn more about who we are and how we support coaches and their clients. Take a look at our upcoming events detailed below, or check out our Event Calendar to see what’s going on. We always welcome new members and guests at our monthly meetings, where you will meet the friendliest coaches in the country!

If you are looking for a coach, take a look at our
About Us section to learn more about selecting a coach. Then use our Find-a-Coach feature to locate a Richmond area coach who is just right for you. If you’re a coach, we have many resources to support you and your business. If you’re interested in becoming a coach, come talk to seasoned coaches to learn more about the profession and how to start your journey.

Join us today to become part of our friendly, open and supportive network of coaches!

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Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM

2014 ICFGR President

Click Here to read the March 2014 President's Message

May 2014 Program

What: Accountability: The Daring Core Competency
When: Friday, May 9, 2014 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Who: Cameron Gott, PCC, BCC and Casey Moore, The Productivity Coach
Where: Westwood Club, 6200 West Club Lane
How much: $25 for members; $40 for guests
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Coaching Competencies:
• Establishing the Coaching Agreement
• Coaching Presence
• Active Listening
• Managing Progress and Accountability

Curious Accountability, a strengths-focused, non-judgmental approach, turns “homework” into practices that build insight, resourcefulness and resilience—whether a client forgets an assignment, completes it in full, or anything in between. > What makes Curious Accountability so fascinating, even “daring,” is its focus on “the who” (who your client is being), not “the what” (doing the homework “right”). You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it to yield results. You just need to champion your client’s goals diligently with a certain kind of mindset. No nagging, criticizing, blaming—or enabling—required. Read More
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   Coaching: A Deep Dive to Discovery



Registration is Open for 2014 Capital Coaches Conference

Want to be sure to take your coaching to a new level? THEN you won’t want to miss this year’s conference. In collaboration with the ICF Maryland and ICF Greater Richmond Chapters, ICF Metro DC is hosting our 11th Annual Capital Coaches Conference Coaching: A Deep Dive to Discovery on June 5th at the Marriott Fairview Park in Falls Church, VA.

We anticipate this year’s conference to be a sellout, because we had so many great submissions for workshops and breakout sessions! There is so much great content, that it is hard to fit it all in on one single day! Check out the Capital Coaches Conference website for more updates on our speakers and be sure to Register Today so you can discover new depths in yourself as a coach as we take a deep dive together.

If you are interested in sponsoring or an exhibitor table (or know someone else who might be a good fit) please see/share our 2014 Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus or contact

Kind regards,

On behalf of ICF Metro DC

Melissa Lubin, Ph.D., ACC - ICF Greater Richmond President-Elect


June 2014 Program

What: Polarities: The Power of Both/And Thinking in Coaching
When: Friday, June 13, 2014 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Who: Ann Deaton, Ph.D., PCC
Where: Westwood Club, 6200 West Club Lane
How much: $25 for members; $40 for guests
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Coaching Competencies:
• Active Listening
• Creating Awareness
• Designing Actions

Are you stuck in the middle of competing demands? Do solutions seem exactly right and then work well for only a few weeks or months? This often happens when we try to solve a problem instead of managing a polarity. Polarities are two competing priorities or values, such as individual and team, flexibility and clarity, self and other. In the case of a true polarity, both are important; neither alone is sufficient. If you try to choose one pole, and neglect the other, you will invariably experience the downside of your chosen value. Managed poorly, polarities are a source of constant conflict and a drain on time and energy, for us and for our clients. This session will enable participants to see their challenges in a new light, and learn some options for recognizing the polarities that are important for you. Participants will learn how to notice when your clients are stuck in a polarity, and a tool and approach for helping them get the best of both for sustainable results. Read More
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March 2014 President's Message

Dear friends and colleagues,

As I write the newsletter, I look out the window and it’s snowing – AGAIN!! Yet, with an all too common weather prediction, I am confident that Spring is driving ‘old man winter’ away. As with the blooms of Spring, ICF GR is starting to see some of our own strategic plans for the chapter begin to bloom.

Bloom #1       

ICF GR website’s ‘Find-A-Coach’ program is now open to all members who have at least 30 hours of ICF accredited coach training, for free! To date, we have 20 coaches participating in this program. With a few upcoming changes being made to the online sign-up process, you will soon see the coach’s ICF credential, (if applicable) displayed in the ‘Find-A-Coach’ results. Currently, if you enter a particular ICF credential in the search criteria field, only those coaches who hold that credential are displayed. In the future, coaches with that credential and above will also be displayed. Your search results are always displayed in random order so each participating coach has an opportunity to appear in the top rows of the results display.

Bloom # 2     

Three of our ICF GR coaches have been selected to present at the DC Capital Coaches Conference on June 5 - Melissa Lubin, Ann Deaton and Kathy Harman. Remember, you can attend the conference at the DC member rate, and we hope to see a good representation of ICF GR members in DC! With an expected turnout of 500 coaches, it will be an inspiring opportunity to network, mingle and learn with other coaches from around the country. To learn more and to register, go to: ***Remember to select the member rate!

The DC Capital Coaches Conference is looking for sponsors. The board discussed having an ICF GR table where our members could offer for sale books, programs, etc. which are marketable to coaches. To justify buying a sponsorship, we need to know how many of you have registered for the conference and are interested in taking turns to man the table. Please email me ( if you are interested in being part of this sponsorship activity .

Bloom #3       

This year we’re implementing Coach’s Coffees, to be held periodically throughout the year. This is a chance to rub elbows with other coaches and talk coaching to our heart’s content! You do not have to be a member of ICF GR to participate in this activity, so bring a friend who’s interested in coaching. See Carla’s write-up in this newsletter for more information.

Bloom #4      

Current ICF GR membership - 83 members! This is a significant increase over this time last year, and we’re delighted with the number of individuals who have renewed their memberships. If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, please take the time to renew, so that you can participate at the member rate in our upcoming programs. Gay Lynn Carpenter, our new Program Director, has already lined up and confirmed an amazing slate of presenters for the remainder of 2014.

As always, I am so thankful for your participation and dedication to help grow our ICF chapter. I look forward to continuing our learning and growth together!



Kathy Harman, MCC, CCM
President, ICF Greater Richmond



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